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October 2003

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License Verification Library ported to Delphi


Short Survey Of Requirements

Info-Zone And Test System

License Verification Library ported to Delphi

We have (at long last) ported the C++ License Verification Library to Delphi. We are now in the final stages of field testing. We have an implementation pack, including instructions, available for you to try out. But first we require you to have signed either a full service agreement (which you can view in the Info-Zone - it does not commit you to using our services) or a non-disclosure agreement: basically we need a commitment that you will not make our software available to anyone else. If you are interested, please contact us (via your account or at author.enquiry@osolis.com), indicating whether you would prefer to sign a service agreement or a non-disclosure agreement.top of page


OSoLiS's License Verification System is now officially compatible with Armadillo using our 'custom key' feature. You will find full instructions in the Armadillo help notes. In outline: You use Armadillo to encrypt portions of your program's code and to generate a single key that will decrypt them. You enter that key into our online system. When a user licenses your program, their Personal License Register is generated with your Armadillo key embedded, which your program can extract using the getCustomKey() function in our License Verification Library.top of page

Short Survey of Requirements

We have a number of developments in the pipeline:

  • porting the License Verification Library to .NET
  • accepting PayPal payments from customers
  • showing local currency equivalent pricing to customers
  • handling orders for burn-on-demand CD-ROMs
  • ... and others

To help us prioritize our resources to develop what you need or would most like, please spare a few moments to participate in our short survey of requirements. It will take you no more than two minutes!top of page

Info-Zone and Test System

If you haven't checked our Info-Zone recently, log in now to access detailed coverage of all of our services. From the Info-Zone home page, you can also access our test system to try out all aspects of our on-line registration system.top of page

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