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More details Buy/register P15 Bookmark Buddy
Organize your favorites and shortcuts simply, quickly and reliably with this intuitive bookmark and login manager: annotate, search, sort, check, encrypt, import, export, backup, share & print any number of bookmarks. Works with all browsers.
More details Buy/register P37 GodScrypt
Cryptographic email client. Encrypted messages appear as random passages from the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran. Portable application, runs directlly from pen drive without leaving traces of its usage on the host machine.
More details Buy/register P41 Make Batch Files
More details Buy/register P43 Marketing Emailer - Home Edition
Send customized email to your contact lists. Use CSV files or Excel files as source for email contact list data, and HTML, RTF or MS-Word document for email templates.
More details Buy/register P7 SignGo
SignGo is a low cost sign design and production tool. Using SignGo you can design your sign at any size and cut it out using a cutting plotter. Signs larger than your cutter are divided into panels automatically with definable markers and overlaps.
More details Buy/register P5 SignGo Lite
Low cost signmaking software for sign design and production. Ideal for occasional and hobbyist sign making as well as sign users.
More details Buy/register P2 See details on new edition URL Organizer 2
Small, fast, simple utility for storing, organizing, annotating and backing up large and/or multiple collections of Internet bookmarks/favorites and Start Menu shortcuts.
More details Buy/register P1 See details on new edition URL Organizer Free
Small, fast, simple freeware utility for storing and organizing collections of Internet bookmarks/favorites
More details Buy/register P16 See details on new edition URL Organizer Internet Advisor
Special edition distributed with Internet Advisor magazine. NOT available on general release.