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This gives you a brief overview of how our services would work for you:

How to register your programs

You can log in to your online account at any time to enter or update details about your programs. Pricing and discounts may be set in advance, including temporary special offers. You can edit the description and image used to promote your programs (e.g. on Froogle). And for full-version downloads you can upload program updates at any time.

How to implement our License Verification Library (optional)

We can provide you with a static library (currently available for Windows 32-bit and Unix programs written in C/C++ or Delphi) for you to integrate into the next release of your software. We will work with you to check that you have correctly implemented SIVL.

You may choose instead to offer customers a full-version download once their payment has been authorized. We provide each customer with a temporary download link, which therefore cannot be abused.

You may also choose to distribute your software (e.g. scripts or development components) without any copy protection restrictions, in which case our fees are reduced (see below).

We do not currently support third party key generators, but we are investigating options that do not rely on authors' intervention (which can introduce delays that are unacceptable to customers).

How we pay you

Payments that we collect on your behalf in one month we send to you before the end of the next. We offer a number of alternative payment methods:

Where a payment that we receive turns out to have been fraudulent (a 'chargeback'), we reverse the credit to your account, but we do not pass on any penalty fees we incur.

How much we charge

Our fee is based upon the sale price and covers third party payment processing charges, license to use SIVL, and all ancillary services we provide. There is no sign-up fee nor any other hidden charges.

Where OSoLiS issues a license but does not collect payment (e.g. because you or another agent does), we charge a nominal fee to issue the license and maintain the user's account. However we are happy to handle registrations for freeware at no charge.

Standard fees

Registration type OSoLiS Fee
Regular US$ 0.6 + 8% per license
License only 1% of nominal sale price, maximum US$ 0.60
Freeware license NONE!

Fee calculator

Sale Price
Regular fee

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