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Here's a few hand-picked web resources:

Trade Associations

Association of Shareware Professionals The Association of Shareware Professionals is the shareware trade association. Membership is $100/year, which gives members (who must abide by a code of conduct, and accept the judgment of an ombudsman in the case of disputes) a professional respectability, plus access to a range of benefits.
Euro-Share Euro-Share is a European-centered mailing list that's created daily from the postings of it's 1500+ professionals subscribers, and moderated by ASP member Tim Skipper. The web site carries some useful listings and special offers. Membership is free.
Trialware Professional Association

The Trialware Professional Association is free to join on condition that you promote the term 'Trialware' and generally foster a professional image of the trial software industry.


The Independent Software Developers Forum, based in Russia, exists "to contribute to the support and improvement of the software developing process". To that end it organizes conferences and other events.

Shareware Russia Shareware Russia is a collection of shareware discussion mailing lists in Russian.

Shareware archives and listings

There are a number of directories of shareware sites, the best of which are:

Association of Shareware Professionals

Google Directory

upload it

Listing and announcement services

The Shareware Author Index The SAX offers shareware authors free listings on its on-line database and, most innovatively, an announcement ('posting') service to subscribing webmasters.

Merchant Services

If you want to manage your own licensing and just want a straightforward way to receive payments, try PayPal:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

If you would like to recommend a site for listing here, please let us know.

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