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This tells you why you should consider using OSoLiS as an agent to sell your software.

Make it easy for users to buy your software

Don't give your users the excuse that it's too much trouble, too expensive or too slow to register your software. OSoLiS has developed a system that permits users to buy your software on-line and obtain a license within minutes. We also accept payment by fax and post. We offer our registration system in three languages: English, Spanish and German; in due course we will be adding French, Japanese, Russian and Chinese.

Use affiliates to recruit more customers

Recently launched is OSoLiS's Affiliate Management System, which allows you to offer a financial incentive to your existing users, or in fact to anyone, to recruit new purchasers for your software.

What happens when a customer loses their registration?

What happens now when a user loses his registration code, changes his hard drive, reinstalls your software or reinstalls the operating system? Do you have to verify identities, check records, and then manually regenerate a registration code? OSoLiS maintains a password-protected account for each of your registered users. This permits users to obtain a new copy of their registration code (actually a 'Personal License Register') at any time without your assistance.

Make life difficult for pirates & crackers

Don't make it easy for software pirates to distribute anonymous 'cracked' versions of your software. OSoLiS has developed the System for Issuing and Verifying Licenses (SIVL) to help ensure that users must obtain a valid license to use your software. All licenses are personalized with contact details obtained and verified at the time of registration, including a valid e-mail address and mailing address. You can read more about SIVL later.

Look after your customers

Your most promising future customers are your existing customers: they're a captive market for upgrades and related products. And customers like to feel looked after: they like to hear when you release bug fixes, updates and upgrades. So OSoLiS maintains mailing lists of registered users of each of your programs, which you can use whenever you wish.

Give yourself a break

OSoLiS handles all aspects of the registration process. You don't need to do anything: no generating registration codes, no updating your database of users, no processing payments, no dealing with users confused about how to register, no dealing with users who've lost their registration.

Watch your sales

Sales reports are an essential part of business planning and marketing: How were sales affected by the price promotion / price increase / press release / spotlight in ZDNet? OSoLiS maintains monthly sales reports right up to the minute, which you can check whenever you wish. You can also check how much you are owed in the next check run.

Maintain your own program details

Planning a price promotion in the run-up to New Year followed by a price increase? Released an update? Web site moving? OSoLiS gives you direct access to update your program details at any time. The price-setting facility is probably the most sophisticated you'll find.

Set up income distributions to third parties

If income from a program needs to be apportioned to third parties, such as co-developers, licensors, or resellers, OSoLiS permits you to set up income distributions so that third parties' accounts are automatically credited each time a sale is made.

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