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Solutions and answers to common problems and questions

I have lost my Personal License Register.

Log in to your account to obtain a new copy.

How do I obtain or install my Personal License Register?
My software does not recognize that it is licensed.

See here for all License Register related issues.

I'm not receiving your e-mails!

Occasionally e-mails get held up: spam and denial of service attacks can cause delays for your ISP in delivering mail. It is also possible that our e-mails are being caught or rejected by an over-zealous spam filter, in which case try white-listing or adding to your address book these two e-mail addresses: systematosolis.net and customer.supportatosolis.com

Why was my card payment refused?

Sometimes a card issuer refuses to let us collect payment or advises us not to collect payment. The most common reason is that the address supplied doesn't match the address the card issuer has on file. If you cannot figure out what address you need to enter, then the quickest solution is to fax the mail/fax order form with your signature (see above). The next most common reason is that the credit limit is temporarily exceeded. Occasionally systems outside our control fail or are taken down for maintenance. Such outages rarely last more than an hour. Please wait a while then log in again to pick up where you left off.

How do I pay by check/ACH/wire transfer?

Proceed with registering your software on-line. When you have entered your contact details you will be offered the option to open a printable mail/fax order form, which includes instructions for all payment options. (Wire payments are only accepted for purchases over US$200.)

Can I fax or mail my card details to you?

Yes, proceed as for paying by check: our printable invoice also contains space to fill in your card details.

Can I phone my card details to you?

need a receipt for my purchase.

Log in to your account and on the 'Payment History' page, click on the ID of the relevant order/payment to bring up a printable receipt.

I'm having problems with software I bought from OSoLiS.

Please contact the program's author or support desk.

I want a refund.

You must agree this with the program's author. OSOLIS CAN ONLY ISSUE A REFUND ON INSTRUCTION FROM THE AUTHOR. Check the program's documentation or your OSoLiS receipt e-mail to find the author's contact details.

I need to update my e-mail address.

Log in to your account and amend your contact details. Soon afterwards, you should receive an address verification e-mail, which you must reply to.

Another problem or question?

Please contact us.

Our undertaking

If OSoLiS, its staff or its systems, makes a mistake, we will rectify it as soon as possible after you notify us of the mistake (or we notice it independently). If you make a mistake, and we do not have reason to believe it was deliberate, we will rectify it within a reasonable time after you notify us of the mistake. In almost all other circumstances, we can only refund you if the author of the program in question instructs us to.

We make no representations about the programs we license and therefore cannot enter into any debate about their quality, fitness for purpose, nor the accuracy of authors' publicity, descriptions or specifications. These are matters that you must take up with an author directly.

Under no circumstances will we refund more than you originally paid.

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