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How to Buy/Register a Program

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Steps involved in buying or registering software

1) Register your contact details (first time only)

The first time you buy/register a program through OSoLiS, you will be asked to provide contact details. We set up a personal account for you, which you can access at any time using a user name and password of your choice.

2) Reply to the automated e-mail (first time only)

An automated message is sent to your e-mail address. When you receive it, simply send a reply and your account will be activated. Alternatively you can enter the 'check' code contained in the e-mail when asked for it after step 4. You must complete this step in order to proceed to step 5.

3) Identify the program you wish to license

If you haven't used a special shortcut to access our registration system then you will need to identify the program you want to license. Click on the '$' button by the relevant program.

4) Specify the number and type of licenses you require

You can purchase any number of licenses (to be deployed in accordance with the program's end user license). Where you are eligible for a version or competitive upgrade price, this will be offered to you automatically.

5) Submit payment (except for freeware)

You can submit card payment securely on-line for immediate authorization, or you can print out a mail/fax order form (more details).

6) Install your Personal License Register

You will automatically be e-mailed a copy of your Personal License Register - or you can download it if you cannot receive e-mail attachments. Save or move your Personal License Register to the correct location for your operating system (more details). When you next run the licensed software it will be fully-enabled.

You don't need to remember these steps. The registration system will take you through each step in order, with instructions and hints along the way.

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