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If you've been appointed as a reseller, this is what you need to know ...

What is a 'Reseller'?

Most commonly a reseller is a person or organization appointed by an author/developer to sell an edition of their software in return for a proportion of the sales income. However we define a reseller as any third party to whom an author awards a proportion of sales income.

Registering with us

Before you can act as a reseller (or receive income) for any software we sell, we need you to register your details with us (so that we can contact and pay you) and agree to our terms and conditions of service.

How does our system work for Resellers?

Once you've registered with us and agreed to our terms and conditions of service:

  • You should contact the author/developer to let them know your Reseller ID.
  • When the author has set up an income distribution that will credit your account, you will be able to review the details in your account under 'Reseller Schemes'.

Whenever a purchase of a program is made for which you are credited:

  • We send an e-mail notification to you with details of the sale.
  • We update your sales reports (in the 'Accounts' section of your account).

We pay you:

  • Monthly, provided that the amount due to you is at least US$100, making allowance for a reserve balance, usually of US$100 (held in case a sale is subsequently refunded).
  • By US$ check, PayPal, AlertPay, moneybookers or wire transfer.

Relationship with OSoLiS

Note that the author/developer is entirely responsible for setting the income distribution as agreed with you. OSoLiS will rectify mistakes where we have not executed the author's instructions correctly, but OSoLiS will not enter into a dispute over the terms of the income distribution.

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