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If there's a known problem with the registration system, or we plan to interrupt services, here's where you'll find details.

Scheduled Interruptions

No interruptions are scheduled.

Problems & Updates

13 November 2009: An upgrade to the server OS is causing a problem with creating email attachments. Personal License Registers can still be downloaded directly from the website. We are working on a solution.

2 February 2009: Our fax number has changed to +1 (646) 395 1392.

6 October 2008: An upgrade to the database engine caused some errors, which have now been fixed.

30 July 2003: The database back-end was upgraded.

25 April 2003: A major upgrade to the licensing system was carried out. This allows orders to be associated with different contact and invoice addresses.

4 April 2003: An upgrade to the licensing system was carried out.

24 February 2003: A major upgrade to the licensing system was carried out.

29 July 2002: A major upgrade to the licensing system was carried out to add our Affiliate Management System.

29 October 2001: A major upgrade to the licensing system was carried out. The system now supports reseller payments, along with many other refinements.

22 January 2001: A major upgrade to the licensing system was completed.

18 January 2001: A software upgrade prevented Personal License Register being e-mailed as attachments. This has been fixed.

31 October 2000: A change in the e-mail delivery set-up resulted in some automated e-mails arriving somewhat garbled. This has been fixed (1 November 2000).

12 September 2000: A hardware upgrade to the server caused a configuration problem that resulted in 'cgiwrap' errors. We apologise for not having spotted this first.

30 August 2000: We have resolved the database problem.

August 2000: We are seeing a problem with the database which is causing occasional service interruptions.

21 January 2000: We discovered that a few e-mails sent via our Web enquiry form didn't reach us. We've written to those concerned.

12 January 2000: A major update has been completed, which further simplifies the registration process.

6 December 1999: Services were interrupted for up to six hours whilst our web server was moved to new premises.

28 September 1999: Payments are not being authorised due to our payment card processor experiencing problems. As of 1700 UTC we are awaiting confirmation of when normal service will be restored.

12 December 1998: We have completed another major update to our systems, bringing the payment processing system on-line.

25 November 1998: Services will be temporarily interrupted whilst we re-organize our system. We hope that everything will be running OK by 1400 UTC.

8 November 1998: We have completed a major update to our systems. Amongst other benefits this overcomes the intermittent problems experienced over the past two weeks (for which we apologize if they affected you).

25 October 1998: There is an erratic problem with our database, where details submitted by users are not actually stored. We will shortly be implementing a major upgrade to our system which will, amongst other things, solve this problem.

21 June 1998: We have implemented a number of enhancements to the user-interface, which we hope will make it quicker to navigate through the registration process.

14 June 1998: We have re-allocated Client IDs up to and including C226 as follows: simply add 1000 to the number: C99 becomes C1099; C199 becomes C1199. The same applies to Author IDs up to and including A226.

17 May 1998: We experienced a few problems when updating our system. These were ironed out over the weekend.

22 April 1998: There have been intermittent problems recently resulting in the database not being available for short periods. This has now been resolved.

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