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If you have been appointed as a reseller of a program that is licensed through OSoLiS, you first need to set up an account with OSoLiS, then let the program author know the Reseller ID you have been allocated.


We have now launched our Affiliate Management System whereby you can resell software on behalf of an author and take a commission on each sale you make.

How to register

There are two steps to registering as a reseller or affiliate: first you will be asked for:

  • a user name and password that you will remember
  • contact details, including a postal and an e-mail address.
  • details of how you wish to be paid

When you have entered that, you then need to accept the terms & conditions of OSoLiS's services.

If you have previously purchased/registered a program with OSoLiS or you are already registered as an author, you should log in using your existing user name and password. You will not need to re-enter any contact details you have previously entered.


We respect your privacy absolutely. You decide whether your details are made available to other organisations. Please see our statement on protecting your privacy.

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