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What information we collect and why, and what we will and won't do with it.

What information we collect and store

We ask for your name, e-mail address and, for purchases, a contact address, a billing address and a contact telephone number. We keep a record of your details together with what programs you license and what payments you make.

Your credit card details

We do not store your credit card details. When you provide credit card details, they arrive at our server over an encrypted (Secure Sockets Layer) link and are immediately passed to Verisign, again over an encrypted link. Verisign store your details (as all merchants must) in case a refund needs to be made or a fraud investigated. Many companies, banks and credit card processors rely on Verisign to store those details securely, so you may rest assured that they are safe. We do however create a record of the card number if a payment is refused authorization; this is erased once we have researched the reason for the refusal.

What we do with your details

We keep your contact details on file so that you can obtain a new copy of your Personal License Register or receipt at any time in the future. It also allows us to offer you upgrade prices when appropriate and to compile sales summaries for the authors whose software we license.

You are free to access and amend your details

When you first register a program with OSoLiS, you create a personal, password-protected account, which you can log into at any time to make purchases, update your contact details or mailing preferences, and view receipts.

If you register an interest in our services for authors but do not go on to sign a contract (nor buy software through us) then you are free to remove your details from our system at any time. Once you have signed a contract with OSoLiS, you will be able to manage your program details via your account.

We do not collect profiling information

We do not collect personal details such as gender, age, race, education or income.

We do not use 'cookies' to keep track of your access to our site: nothing is stored on your computer except whatever your web browser caches (though registration pages are set to 'expire' immediately).

We will not pass your details to anyone for marketing purposes without your permission

When you first purchase or register software through us, you choose whether your contact details are forwarded to the author (and, where applicable, the reseller), whether you want to receive e-mails from OSoLiS on behalf of the author or reseller, and whether you want to receive e-mails from OSoLiS with offers from third parties. These options are presented clearly in normal-size print.

To change these preferences at any time, log into your account and update your contact details. Any e-mail we send on behalf of an author or reseller contains simple instructions for removing yourself from the mailing list for that program. Verisign is the only agent to which we routinely pass your details and this is only for the purpose of authorizing payments. Unless you allow us to forward your details to an author or reseller, we will not release your details to any other person or organisation, except where required to by law.

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