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If you would like to help sell software, this is what you need to know ...

What is an 'Affiliate'?

We define an affiliate as someone who recruits new customers for a software author/developer but does not (usually) get involved in the supply, purchasing or support of end users. Typically an affiliate would not be in the business of selling software, unlike a reseller.

Registering with us

If you have previously purchased software from us you should log in using your existing account log-in (your contact details and purchase history will then automatically be applied to your affiliate account). Otherwise you will need to register your details with us (so that we can contact and pay you).

You will then be presented with our terms and conditions of service, which you must agree to before you can become an affiliate.

How does our system work for affiliates?

Once you've registered with us and agreed to our terms and conditions of service:

  • You will be able to access the 'Affiliate Schemes' page, where you will find a list of affiliate schemes that you're automatically eligible for, plus you can apply to join any other scheme that you're privately invited to join.
  • When you apply to join an Affiliate Scheme, you will see what discount is available from the author, and you can choose how much (if any) of the discount you will pass on to end users. It can be a good idea to pass on some discount as an incentive to users to use your Affiliate Order Code.
  • Once your application to join an Affiliate Scheme is approved we provide a download and a 'buy now' link for you to use on your web site and/or e- mails.
  • The download link sets a cookie on the user's computer so that if s/he purchases a license within a month, your Affiliate Order Code will be entered automatically into their order form (subject to certain technical conditions being satisfied).
  • The 'buy now' link takes the user directly to our site to purchase a license using your Affiliate Order Code.

When one of your leads comes to us to make a purchase:

  • The customer enters your Affiliate Order Code. (This should happen automatically if they follow a link using either the download or 'buy now' links.)
  • We calculate the discount applicable to the purchaser (if any).
  • When the purchase is completed, we credit you with the difference between the discount you were offered and the discount you passed on to the customer.
  • We send an e-mail notification to you with details of the sale.
  • We update your sales reports (in the 'Accounts' section of your account).

Note that if an order is placed without an Affiliate Order Code, for whatever reason, you will not be credited with the sale. In particular, you should be aware that, for reasons beyond our control, using the download link does not guarantee that a subsequent purchase will be credited to you: the user may place his/her order from a different computer, or the user may disable or erase the cookies stored on his/her computer. (This limitation is common to all affiliate schemes.)

Note too that you may not use an Affiliate Order Code for your own purchases.

We pay you:

  • Monthly, provided that the amount due to you is at least US$100, making allowance for a reserve balance, usually of US$100 (held in case a sale is subsequently refunded).
  • By US$ check, ACH ('bill pay'), PayPal, AlertPay, moneybookers or wire transfer.

Suspension from an Affiliate Scheme

Note that the author may suspend any member of an Affiliate Scheme at any time without notice. They may do this in particular if you use methods of recruiting customers that are unacceptable to the author (such as spamming, or making misleading claims).

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